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Here are some ramp plans & sites that have good plans. Check them out.


These are the best FREE plans I've found on the net.
This site, has some good plans, diagrams, and completed ramp photos - check it out, it's nice & very helpful.
Here is another site - they have good 2.5' halfpipe plans, 8ft wide, and 18ft long. You can easily change the size though and still use their guidelines. . They also have tons of other plans. I used their plans & built the bank they have listed on their site a couple years ago. It turned out nice, but it starting to wear from the elements.
If you have Adobe, check out these plans - material list, plans, AWESOME -
My ramp plans - just a rough idea of what it's like - check the sites above for a better example.


Length: 14 ft long

Width: 6 ft wide

Height: 4 ft tall

Deck: 2 ft wide, 6 ft long


4 sheets 3/8" [or "] 4'x8' CDX plywood [$10-16/sheet]

2 sheets 3/4" 4'x8' CDX plywood [$15-20/sheet]

7 8' 2x4's [$2/pole]

21 12' 2x4's [$2.50-3/pole]

1 12' steel pipe or 2 8' steel pipes [$5/pole]

Total Approx. Cost: $141.50 - $186 about

First, take a piece of 3/4" plywood and cut out the shape of the side & the slope/curve you desire [you can use the compass method - see websites]. You can cut out 2 sides per sheet. You will need a total of 4 sides. Once completed stand two up about 6ft apart.

Second, Cut the 1.5" of each 12' 2x4's [it will be a total of 6ft wide, including the 3/4" of siding]. Cut out about 14 pieces per side, and screw them in about 8" apart from each other. [see websites, for more details and pictures]. Do this on both parts.

Now, you should have 2 sides to your half pipe completed. Screw in a pole across the edge of the top of the deck and one at the bottom, along with three at the rail. [included in the 14]

Now for the bottom part. Take and 8' pole and cut it in half so you have two 4' length poles, and put them together. Take one 12' pole and cut it in half so you have two 6' length poles, and cut 4 inches off of each piece. Make the frame now, and screw all four pieces together to form a 4x6 rectangle. Now take three 8' poles and cut them into 6 4' lengths, taking off 4" off of each one. Then place them across the 4x6 rectangle to form a complete frame.

Now you have the completed ‘skeleton’ of the ramp.

First, take a 3/8" piece of plywood and place the top of it at the rail [cut off 2' at the edge to make it 6' wide] and screw it in place, curving it along the frame. Then take the second piece and screw it down further, and continue until the whole frame is covered. Now it is complete. Attach the rails and bolt/screw them on.

You can also apply masonite or sanded plywood to the surface to make it smoother.

Another layer of plywood is also good to put on too.


[this are a rough idea of what it is like to build a ramp]











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