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Time to solve one of the mysteries of longboarding: what are angled risers and what they do.

Risers are the pads that go under your trucks to raise your trucks off your board. This keeps you from getting wheel-bite - what happens when the wheels hit the board when you turn sharply. Risers are usually made of plastic or rubber and vary in height from a fraction of an inch to three or four inches on all-terrain boards.

Angled Risers are risers that are higher on one end than another -- like a wedge.

The next three illustrations indicate the different placements of angled risers and the benefits of each.

Angled Risers 1

Angled Risers 2

Angled Risers 3

There are some instances when angled risers should NOT be used. Notably when using Randal trucks, which are designed to give the effect of angled risers, without the risers.

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