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Here are some terms related to longboarding.

Mongo - if you skate mongo, you push the board with your front foot instead of your back foot.

Buttboard - A skateboard made to be ridden sitting down or laying down similar to a Street Luge. Buttboards must have only 4 wheels, and be 4 feet long or less. For more information, see

Criddle - In slalom skateboarding, to criddle is to strategically hit a cone on purpose in order to make the run faster, making up for the penalty of hitting the cone.

Bombing - Bombing (as in a hill) is the act of speeding down the hill without attempting to slow down or use any caution.

noseride - to ride usually with both feet on or near the nose of the board. sometimes with both arms out to sides and also called Hang 10

squirrel - verb. the word that should take the place of 'speed wobbel.' "to suirrel out", to bail from too much speed wobbel

Weak-Sauce - The description of any location that is not fun to skate; usually lacking hills.

spray - orgin:surfing a powerslide, or to powerslide

steve-o - when someone sucks at longboarding, but talks like theyre good

wheel bite - when turning or carving and ur wheel comes in contact to the bottom of the board and which causes us to stop suddenly


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